P10 LED Full-color display
  P12 LED Full-color display
  P16 LED Full-color display
  P20 LED Full-color display
  P25 LED Full-color display
  P5 LED Full-color display
  P6 LED Full-color display
  P7 LED Full-color display
  P10 LED Full-color display
  P12 LED Full-color display
  3.75 Dual-color LED display
  P12 Two-color LED display
  P10 Color LED display
  P16 Color LED display
  P16 Two-color LED display
P10 Full Color
P16 Full Color
P10 Full Color
P20 Full Color
3.75 Full Color
P12 Full Color
P20 Full Color
P16 Full Color
P16 Full Color
P12 Full Color
P10 Full Color
P10 Full Color
5.0 Full Color
5.0 Full Color
P10 Full Color
P7.62 Full Color
P6 Full Color
P6 Full Color
P5 Full Color
P25 Full Color
About Us

  Shenzhen De Run Sai Er Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd, head quartered at No. 116, Buxin Road, Dabu Lane, Guanlan Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, which is a high-tech pioneer focusing on researching and developing, manufacturing and marketing in Led display series and led lighting seies. The main products include LED, LED lights, LED solar and outdoor/indoor LED module, cabinet and LED display, etc. You can count on for its good quality and competitive pricing from our company. Shenzhen De Run Sai Er Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd holds a total area of 8,000 squaremeters with modern management and technology.
  Shenzhen De Run Sai Er Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd holds the LED values quality as our lifeline. From the raw material testing to manufacturing, assembly at aging test, we carry out every step one by one according to ISO9001:2000 international quality control system strictly to guarantee the quality. Our company has CE certified and ROHS Compliant. Our price are very competitive based on mass prodution sales due to our OEM service, thus we have the honor work for hundreds of customers in over 400 cities of 33 provinces in China, and we also have built long-term business relationship with the customers in USA, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Vietnam, Israel, India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Iran, Romania and so on.
We guarantee all our products for 12 months and provide lifetime maintenance only charging for raw materials. We provide an excellent after-sale service, which contains free trainning, free CAD drawings, installation DVD for maor convenience and free consultation lifetime, and we will inspect our produts which have been sold periodically.
  We also have a dedicated and professional international trade management team at your sevice, headed by a foreigner who has 9 years of experince in dealing with clients of different nationals and a 4 years professional experience of working in UK. So why not honor us with a call or an E-mail, we will devote our body and soul to serve you, maybe we both have a new start about this business.

Derunsaier Focus
 Shenzhen DELHI Purcell Yulin optical display to help

Chongqing Jiefangbei is the most important commercial center, this is the most prosperous in Chongqing lot of people, but also business cards in Chongqing, Chongqing, such as not Jiefangbei equal to not go to Chongqing, where the flow of people is the highest one of the commercial center . A Manhattan said. Beauties gathered here, is the best evidence reflects the rapid development of Chongqing, ...

 Shenzhen DELHI Purcell Yulin optical display to help

Terrain Purcell recently successfully installed photovoltaic Yueyang Railway Station Square outdoor full color display, with a total area of 110 square feet, was put into use! This is DELHI Purcell another masterpiece in Hunan Province, the face of peer competition, DELHI Purcell under the final undertake this project and the successful completion of the installation and debugging, the display effect of satisfied customers to prove that the German Run Purcell optical quality of the display of social recognition. Advertising companies to invest in the project, the railway station providing a venue, the United ...

 Purcell Optoelectronics, Shenzhen DELHI, Zhenxing Road, Dalian Development Zone

Terrain Optical Purcell, Zhenxing Road, Dalian Development Zone has recently completed 142 square meters of outdoor projects P16 screen, the screen is the entire project site by the installation of our company in person, but personally, director of the domestic market to the installation site inspection of the screen display and Engineering Installation process. The screen is our most mature one of the products, high brightness of direct sunlight in the visible distance from the screen surface

 Yang Wang Shanghai superior general guidance knot DELHI Purcell

2011, in the New Year approaching, Shanghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Yang Wang excellent general guidance Purcell knot DELHI, DELHI Purcell Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. referred to as "Terrain Purcell" is located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen Mission Hills Town Is a set of LED light emitting diode and LED electronic display of product development, design, production and sales of high-tech enterprises

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Derunsaier News
 4 held in Shenzhen Terrain Optical Purcell anniversary celebrations, parties ideas for the development
Suddenly, DELHI Purcell Photoelectric Co., Ltd. through the course of four years, the company which the fruits of development, the future development direction? Terrain in the Nov. 18 anniversary of CERNET 4 Optical Co., Ltd., the company's leadership, the business elite, key customers, good suppliers and industry executives have freely, Purcell Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. for the Terrain and the development of LED industry advice.
 Recalling the ups and downs
 Chen Zebo said in his speech, chairman of the company's development process, "recalled the history of the company four years, we have tried to explore the truth of innovation, going through hard times ...
 Terrain Optical Purcell led the move to introduce a new fully automated production plant and equipment
In October, the golden land. In this harvest season, we DELHI Purcell and the 60th Optical Daqing is also the pace, filled with the fruits of the harvest, Xiqianxinzhi. Add plant 15,000 square feet, to become the industry's largest and most advanced production base for LED display. Today's move is the growing optical DELHI Purcell best interpretation. We will continue to uphold the quality first, affordable, service first letter as the industry's largest and most advanced production base for LED display. Today's move is the growing optical DELHI Purcell best interpretation. We will continue to uphold the quality first, affordable, service first letter ...
 Terrain Purcell recently received a light application of 75 Taiwanese customers triple
Recently, one of Taiwan's optoelectronics DELHI Purcell P7.62 triple full-color display customer deposits, marking a total of 200 square meters of P7.62 posts triple table full color project officially started. This is the first piece, followed by The two 60 square and 70 square DELHI Purcell is under the optical December undertake another large indoor full color orders, December DELHI Purcell successfully undertake optical nearly 600 square under the triple P7.62 Quote a table full color projects. At the same time there are also P6 200 square feet, plus P10 indoor full-screen table is also posts more than 100 square feet, the only full-color indoor table quote Triple models that have a record since the establishment of a single DELHI Purcell Record month, DELHI total this month to undertake under the optical Purcell 900 square ...
 Terrain light Purcell declared

Terrain Optical Purcell began in May this year reporting the high-tech enterprises in the August 16, 2010 has successfully passed the assessment, management of the network of high-tech enterprise examination and approval of materials can be found in the current progress, the current reporting period this year Review of all enterprises, high-tech certificate and related information will be the end of August issued a document to the Division I, "high-tech enterprises, "the report indicates that our success into the national government's policy on the development of high-tech enterprises the majority of the Work support. Division I through the "high-tech enterprise"certification can enjoy the support policies:
 First, the tax breaks. Second, ...

Derunsaier Culture
 Terrain Purcell red optical assassination last
Terrain Optical Purcell has been good runners want to do, but even long-distance running have push. Now, DELHI Purcell entered the photovoltaic industry's top companies to reach the last stage before, but with the way running endurance test of different sprint needs is a strong explosive, good forward DELHI uniform Purcell beginning to face the speed optoelectronic . Terrain Optical Purcell, chairman of Chen Zebo only 29 years old this year, but the lean young man who is still tirelessly back and forth across the country, led his soldiers were in the market, exploiting the boundary. After 5 years of experience in overseas markets after the optical DELHI Purcell began towards the domestic market to international market and become truly export-oriented companies. Terrain Optical Purcell and recently expanded plant, to the domestic industry with the largest processing plant, causing the line ...
 Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise DELHI Purcell
As science and technology and the development of industrial production, the customer requirements of product quality to almost demanding strict, Do not you see from the implementation of 5S, to import the SPC, from the introduction of ISO9001, to import the TS16949, from the implementation of total quality management, Six Sigma and so on to import . "Quality is the lifeline", the slogan may be a call for the voice of many enterprises, despite the frustration, but also sad, urgent need to enhance the quality of the assembly when the trumpet, businesses do? "Quality is the lifeline", by definition, a business do if the quality is not good, it will lose the survival of enterprises rely on. If you really can quality positioning, in deciding the height of success or failure that companies also do not need to worry that the quality of it? The key is, many companies understand this sentence only lip essence, is still the old concept of small family workshops that quality is no added value to a non-essential things. That good quality is the quality of a department of the Ministry of things, nothing to do with me; What is more, that quality to ...
 Terrain Optical Purcell held
  "Sea rising moon" Annual Mid-Autumn Festival thanks to the widespread, the company in order to thank all staff for their hard work pay and support, and to ensure that all employees work outside the home to spend a reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I Company at all in the fishing village of Mong Kok dinner activities. Company leaders and employees gathered together the old and new, a really good time to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, "not a banquet without wine," "a toast to invite the moon, drinking wine into three, happy days, Chinese people always have to drink a little wine. The party lively extraordinary, the company leadership and employees of the open hi-by smile Yen saw the company's unity and mutual assistance. dilutes our homesickness, but also to old and new staff to provide a warm exchange and display platform, so that they open their hearts self-confidence, enhance the company's cohesion ...
 Wonderful act, Purcell optical blessing DELHI
  January 1, 2011 is the fourth Derun Purcell birthday Optical Co., Ltd., the company employees in order to DELHI Purcell blessing for a wonderful variety show. They make full use of the work of free time, seize the time to rehearse choreographed the show, and strive to be the best side to show to everyone. Purcell Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. as Derun the highlight of the fourth anniversary celebration, party DELHI Purcell people use songs, dance, acrobatics, comedy, readings varied, exciting programs, in front of our customers enjoy the show their own strength, the release of their passion. 1. An impassioned sake of the general opened the evening's prologue, but also ignited a warm atmosphere of the venue. 2. Cartilage power performers with their graceful posture, showing amazing skills, people Lianlian Chen must. 3. Folk songs, folk songs like Spring water, side to side and singing. 4. Passionate dance, displaying the Terrain Purcell people passion. 5. Recitation - DELHI Purcell song, the expression of the majority of the staff of Purcell DELHI love. 6. Sketch toon Xiaoqiang borrow Flirting Scholar stories by this ancient metaphor, brought us laughter ...
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